About Us

As the name suggests it is to show gratitude towards our parents. This library is run by Sanjivbhai Parekh at his office premises and he is shouldering entire expenses of the library. This only shows his deep-rooted conviction and determination to spread awareness and education about Gujarati language and literature among young generation, the generation, which is addicted to T.V and computer and has little time to read books.

Sanjivbhai Parekh is from prominent Jain Business Family. In business community his family is well known and respected for their business acumen. Mr. Sanjivbhai wanted to do some social work so he thought of starting a library from his office premises on every Sunday when his office is closed for business. It was started in November 2002 .

This library provides books on various subjects Such as Religious books, Children's books, Meditation, Astrology, Cooking, Health, Literature, Yoga etc. Library also provides Audio/Video CDs. In short library has something to offer for every type of reader. The total collection of books, VCDs and DVDs is more than 12000. (about 7500 Gujarati books and 2500 English books and 2000 VCDs & DVDs).

Library is open on every Sunday from 9am to 5pm. New addition of good books is routine. There is no separate premise for library at present. Library is conducted at office premises of Mr.Sanjiv Parekh at Kalbadevi Road, and is fully computerized. Anyone having interest and liking in reading can become a member of our library. He has to fill up a prescribed form and pay Rs. 500/- as Life time membership fees. The member can take upto nine books/CD's and he has to return them in three weeks. Any person who becomes a member of the library is sure to benefit in several ways. For example, he gets books of his interest to read and DVDs and VCDs that he may not afford easily.

English is an International language and in the age of computer and Internet it will be suicidal and foolish to ignore English language. Because of that we have given proper importance to English language books.

Literature in Gujarati is very rich and covers all fields of life. This collection is contributed by various renowned and prominent Authors and Saints like Hemachandracharya, Bhudhisagar Suri, Ratnasunder Suri, Mahatma Gandhi, Narsinh Mehta, K. M. Munchi, Ramnarayan Pathak, Chandrakant Bakshi, Mohanlal. C. Dhami, Goverdanhram Tripathi, Dhoomketu, Anil Joshi, Father Walles and others. Present generation is not even aware of their names let alone their literature works. Their literature is immortal and masterpieces, which is even valid in today's life also. That is why we intend to create awareness about our great literally heritage and make the young generation feeling proud about our great master.

At Present we are having 1200 families as members and the numbers of members are increasing every month. We feel that we can cross the figure of 1500 families very shortly. Besides our library activity we are also holding Seminars, Quiz contests and children's debates, in which we get very good response from the members.

We have started community service such as issuing of Senior citizen card/ Adhar Card, Astrology services, Health Services etc.

We request you to give your presence by visiting our Library on any Sunday.

Library Update

Following are the books available at our library

Following are the books available at our library
Gujarati English
(a) Religious ( Various Religion ) (a) Religious ( Various Religion )
(b) Meditation & Self Improvement. (b) Meditation & Self Improvement.
(c) Educational /General Knowledge /
Children, Etc.
(c) Educational /General Knowledge
Children, Etc.
(d) Philosophy / Mythology / Vedas /Historic / Upanishads (d) Philosophy / Mythology / Vedas
Upanishads / Historic.
(e) Naval Katha of Good Authors. (e) Novels of Good Authors.
(f) Astrology / Reiki / Fengshui / Vastu
Shashtra / Cooking Books / Gazals, poets etc.
(f) Astrology / Reiki / Colour Therapy / Fengshui / Vastu Shashtra / Cooking Books / Gazals , Etc .

CD's , VCD' s, DVD' s

Following are the Cd, Vcds, Dvds available at our library

Gujarati & English
  (a) Religious ( Jain/ Vaishnav )
  (b) Children (Movies/ Educational/Cartoon/Stories)
  (c) English/ Hindi Old Classical Movies
  (d) Yoga /Spiritual/Self Development
  (e) Gujarati Dramas
  (f) Audio (Old songs/Classical/Instrumental etc.)


Library is open on all Sundays between 9am to 5pm Deposit of Rs. 500/- refundable on termination from either side. Books / VCD's / DVD's can be taken on Sundays & can be returned in 3 weeks. A file containing list of books / CD's in on the table for member's reference. Members may please write down the names of the books they want, in the Suggestion book. Reference Books useful for School Children & Projects are kept in the library for indoor reading. In case of suggestions or any complaints please contact Mr. Sanjiv Parekh on Mob - 9820423541